"Acupuncture should become more widely available on the NHS and family doctors should be trained in some of its techniques, a BMA (British Medical Association) inquiry has concluded. The therapy can be effective in helping to relieve symptoms of back and dental pain, nausea and headaches, the BMA' Board of Science and Education has found after a two year study."


British Medical Journal, July 2000

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"Acupuncture is very effective for persistent or chronic long term pain especially if it is related to stress. It helps others with skin conditions and allergies. Patients with these problems who have tried the usual medication, diet and relaxation therapies without success, should consider acupuncture. It also works very well for conditions that tend to relapse like women's health problems, migraine headaches and odd digestive difficulties."


Dr David Peters, clinical director of the School of Integrated Health, University of Westminster

"The way acupuncture works is being increasingly understood in general medicine. It's based on the idea that acupuncture needles work in relation to how your body responds to pain. Acupuncture is used to relieve symptoms of conditions including lower back pain, headaches and knee pain.”